Currently with ten levels, use your arrow keys to move around the screen. Come in contact with another clone change colour. Each level has four stages, One for each colour. A Layered based Colour platformer. 2018 Pre-Indie Game jam.  Game and visuals by Bitforge. SFX by Katamari.  Came 1st in the Fun and Theme categories and 2nd overall in the Pre-inde gamejam


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Very cool game ! Originally, I wanted to play with colors and player's states in my game, but it was too heavy for a first project ^^'.


Awesome game, very fresh ideas and well used game mechanics. Sometimes its confused if a platform is solid or if i can reach it or not.


Skip to 0:51 for my thoughts on your game!

What a great game! That's an awesome hook and you executed it perfectly!

awesome game mechanics, really great game!!!!